AirDesk® Laptop and iPad / Tablet Desk Stands

Swing-Away, are Ultra-Comfortable and Affordable.

I really enjoy the Air Desk! Many thousands of student assignments have been scored from the Air Desk. Michael 5/8/14

It's an ingenious design, I'm really happy. Katherine 5/6/14

It's a great product, I really enjoy it.  Jeff 5/5/14

And... thanks!  I love the product, by the way, and visitors often comment on it.  Bruce 5/4/14

It is worth every penny.  If I could not get another, there is no amount of money that could buy this one away from me. Jewell 5/1/14

I appreciate you so much! Where can I place a Fantastic review? Nanc  4/30/14

You have an absolutely stunning product  Warren 4/26/14

Thank you again for your wonderful product and for making my life easier. It was so worth the money! Amy 4/26/14

I'm telling you, you have a wonderful product and the instructions are fabulous. Nancy 4/3/14

How perfect can you get, slickest thing going Jim 4/3/14

I am still loving my AirDesk. Brent 3/29/14

 I LOVE the AirDesk. . an inexpensive, extremely comfortable workstation for a very reasonable price! Pacia 3/27/14

It is in the list of my favorite things. Well done Airdesk's designers and builders ! Jeffrey 3/25/14

I tell everyone about your product; it is the best. Great product and great customer services. Thank you, Brian 3/22/14 The airdesk is wonderful with my tablet, Great to punch up shows on my TV, John 3/12/14

I love how my laptop floats exactly where my hands are the most comfortable typing.  Thank you, Lynn 3/2/14

A wonderful piece of equipment, it really is, I really enjoy the swing away ability.   Derek 2/22/2014

Just want you to know that my husband LOVES his air desk. Thanks for a great product.  Mary, 2/22/14

I LOVE IT AND THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT One of the best purchases I have ever made. MONA, 2/21/14

7 years now, I adore it, I have two pieces of furniture in my living room, my chair and my airdesk. Carl, 2/18/14

I received my airdesk a few days ago and it's beautiful!  RJ, 2/14/2014

I don't just like it...I LOVE it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!  Angie, 2/9/14

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As Low as $149 !

Some of the Many AirDesk  Laptop Desk Stand Benefits

   Ultra-Adjustable Laptop surface

   Helps Keep Your Laptop Clean

   Ultra-Ergonomic for Comfort

   Space Saving, Free Standing

   Compact yet Sturdy

   No Hot Legs

   Chiropractor Approved

   Ends Arm, Neck, Back Fatigue

   Watch TV and Work

   Swing Laptop Away to Stand

   Any Bed, Chair, Sofa Recliner

   Sit, Stand, Recline, Drive

   Throw out your Cooling Pad

   No More Heavy Desk

   No Tool Easy Adjustments

    Manages Your Messy Cables

   Laptop Cooling is optimal

   No Hunched Back

    Save Gas, Work From Home

   Safe Secure Positioning

   Exercise While Working

   Customize, Great Accessories

   Unobtrusive, Elegant Design

   Relieves Carpal Tunnel



The popular Exerciser


Exercise or Stand with the Exerciser AirDesk

An AirDesk for Every Purpose



Unique 7 foot tall AirDesk Projector Stand for perfect images anywhere.  Stand up without blocking projector. 

The Mobile AirDesk

car desk stand holder in automobile

Any laptop, installs in seconds in Any car or truck,

Essential for Road Warriors


the Ultra-Adjustable


iPad / Tablet AirDesk

Free your hands and enjoy your tablet / iPad like never before, a Must-Have for workaholics and couch potatoes

Use your laptop and tablet on the same AirDesk

Learn More


tablet stand with laptop desk stand

AirDesk laptop stand with office chair

Laptop AirDesk elegant and ergonomic

Easy AirDesk Setup and Use


Any issues at all call or email us

We are here to help, you must be satisfied! our Guarantee


Typical Laptop or Tablet AirDesk Specifications

The AirDesk is truly elegant

  • Weight: 16 Lbs (8 Kg)

  • Height: Standard is 32" (810 mm) tall,

  • Height: Tall AirDesk is 42"(1070 mm) tall

  • ARM LENGTH: 19" (550 mm) from the Mast to the middle rear of the laptop

  • Swings away with one finger.

  • Tray tilts right/left/forward/back. 

  • Max. Computer Weight: 15 lbs (8 kg)

  • Easy Keyboard Height Adjustment

  • Arm Length Adjustment

  • Easy Computer Tray Rotation

  • Easy Arm Swing Rotation

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Complete Assembly Manual

  • Breaks Down For Transport or Storage

  • Unique Cable Management System



The specialized frame is made of quality mirror polished stainless steel.  Easy to clean and incredibly strong.

Shelves and Table have a tempered glass look but are durable, easy to clean acrylic.  

Two rubber coated posts in the front of the tray keep the laptop from sliding off.

The  1/8"(3mm) thick Ultra-Thin near Zero Footprint Baseis 20" across and has a high quality durable black wrinkle finish, designed not to scratch valuable flooring.  It is thin enough and strong enough to go under Any furniture, even recliners.  An easy carry handle is built in for portability.



Laptop Size: The Standard 12"x12" holder  fits all average size and smaller laptops.  Ideal for keyboards too.


For larger laptops, for 17" Diagonal Screens and larger, you should add the Large Tray Upgrade see Accessories. The standard tray is replaced with the 16"x13" Large Tray. 


     Tablet / iPad AIRDESKs Work With ANY TABLET

Ultra-adjustable fingers firmly grip any tablet. Tablet clips in and out with a flip of the finger.


Let the AirDesk laptop or tablet desk stand turn your sofa, recliner, bed or car into an ultra-comfortable workstation!  Work for hours in unbelievable comfort, We Guarantee It !!


Proudly made in Maine, USA


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