AirDesk's Amazing

Ultra-Adjustable Swing-Away

iPad, Tablet, Reader Desks

Use Any iPad, Tablet or eReader, from Any Chair Sofa Recliner, Bed, stand or exercise while computing if you like.


tablet stand with laptop desk stand

tablet stand with laptop desk stand


Tall 42" iPad Tablet AirDesk for ANY Bed, chair, sofa, recliner.

Standard 32" height iPad Tablet AirDesk for ANY chair, sofa or recliner


Watch movies, read books, surf, email, ideal for teleconferencing, Skype, browsing etc.   Multi-task with your iPad,Tablet eReader like never before.


Up, Down, In, Out, Rotate Right, Rotate Left, Tilt Up, Tilt Down, Tilt Right, Tilt Left, Portrait, Landscape, the AirDesk iPad,Tablet Holder Does It All.




For quick mobility, the iPad or tablet easily pops in and out of our unique hand like gripper.  Ultra-adjustability means portrait or landscape mode with a rotation of your hand and true 3D positioning and orientation of your iPad for perfect viewing and comfort.  Swing away or back with one finger.  Power cable attaches to the arm and mast for no cable mess.  Cables swing away with the device.  AirDesk's unique positioning puts your tablet or iPad tablet exactly where you want it.  The long 19" arm and ultra thin base work with any tablet, iPad,or eReader and the truly elegant AirDesk look compliments any environment                      

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed


Purchase a complete Holder and Stand or add a iPad Tablet Arm Accessory to any laptop style AirDesk. All accessories on the Accessories page are compatible with any iPad Tablet AirDesk


ipad tablet stand

Securely hold any, iPad, tablet or eReader.  AirDesk's unique 3D positioning technology will put your tablet in the perfect sweet spot for your setup. Place your furniture on the unique AirDesk base or use it free standing.

ipad reader tablet stand portrait or landscape

Portrait or landscape, simply turn the iPad tablet.

iPad Tablet AirDesk Accessory on right

ipad tablet stand by airdesk

The iPad Tablet Stand Holder frees your hands completely.  Relax and enjoy your iPad or Tablet like never before.



32" Standard Height Tablet Holder for any Chair Sofa Recliner.  Vertical range 3"-32"


Price: $149                       Quantity:  




42" Tall Height iPad Tablet Stand for any Chair Sofa Recliner and Bed too.  Vertical range 3"-42"

Price: $165                      Quantity:  




64" Tall iPad Tablet Holder Stand for Standing or for use with Exercise Machines

The mast is two piece for portability.  Remove the top mast and you have a Standard 32" AirDesk for any chair sofa recliner.  Vertical range 3"-64" 


Price: $189                     Quantity:  




iPad Tablet Arm Accessory


Add The AirDesk Tablet Arm Accessory to any AirDesk. 

Multi-task like never before.

Price: $65                   Quantity:  




Made in the USA


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