The AirDesk Swing-Away Desktop Computer Desk / Stand

Monitor, mouse and keyboard are independently adjustable in 6 axis for max comfort!


"The AirDesk® Desktop computer desk / stand is a truly elegant and practical design, perfect for the living-room or the board-room."

The NEW patent pending AirDesk® "Desktop" is AirDesk's answer for  traditional desktop computers.  Work from any sofa, chair or recliner.  The "Desktop" uses our exclusive positioning technology on the monitor, mouse and keyboard   It is compact, elegant and incredibly comfortable.   A great high-tech addition to your living room or office.   Instantly increase your productivity and quality of life by working reclined with an AirDesk.  

When not in use, simply rotate the arms out of the way with one finger.

Our unique positioning design perfectly positions your keyboard and mouse independently in 6 axis for maximum comfort and work efficiency.  This reduce fatigue and increases relaxation.   Recline and work for hours and hours, no problem!  

Cables are managed too.  Special cable ties are provided to attach all those cables to the AirDesk frame.   Cables swing with each device.  

Attach your LCD screen using the universal VESA mount on back and away you go!  Remove the monitor base for an extra Cool look.

Recline and compute in undreamed of comfort with the AirDesk Desktop Stand.


AirDesk Desktop Computer Stand

 Price: $249.00  Quantity:     

You will love working on your computer, we guarantee it!

Help Stabilize Your AirDesk Desktop Stand with this Optional CPU SHELF

Add a clean appearance and stability to your Desktop Stand. Counterbalances the heavy monitor.   Easily rotate your CPU to inspect or change cables.  

AirDesk CPU SHELF       Price: $19.00     Quantity:     





Made in the USA


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