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"Standard" Laptop AirDesk for ANY recliner, chair, or sofa.


Do you deserve an AirDesk?


"Tall" Laptop AirDesk for ANY chair, sofa recliner and bed. 

You no longer need a dedicated office to surf the web or work at home. Work for hours in total comfort or your money back! with the laptop Air Desk.  Watch DVDs, game, work or surf in the comfort of your living room or bedroom.  Unique, zero footprint design frees valuable living space.  Slide the thin Air Desk base under furniture if needed.  No more stuffy home office.  No more baking legs, dirty laptop, no more hunched back. Sit back, relax, enjoy your laptop! 


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Standard Laptop AirDesk for any chair, recliner, or sofa.

Styled for  the living room or the boardroom, the Air Desk is totally  functional and unobtrusive. Securely supports any laptop for any sofa, recliner, chair or bed.  No more clunky office desk in the home.  Provides unparalleled computing comfort and convenience.  Work, surf, or play for hours without fatigue or your money back.




Ideal for any living room, enjoy the family and watch TV while you work, surf or play.  To stand, simply swing the computer away. All cables are bundled together along the frame and swing away with the computer. Sit down and swing your computer back.  Right side, left side, no problem! 


The unique, ultra-thin base slides under your furniture's legs or castors for maximum usable floor space. The elegant  Air Desk is beautifully styled, sturdy and truly a pleasure to use.  Kick back and enjoy!

airdesk laptop desk

You will simply love it,    we guarantee it.

"VERY impressed with the simplicity, and elegance that the Air Desk shows"


"I am now a professional couch potato, Thank You!"


"FASTEST assembly job I have ever undertaken"


"This really helps my back."


"Every recliner should have one"



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