The New AirDesk Exerciser, Laptop Desk For Your Exercise Equipment.

 Compute while you run on your treadmill, ride your exercise bike, or just standing up.

Works for Bed, Chairs Recliners Too.


The new AirDesk Exercise Stand for Laptops fits  any machine, any laptop.

Surf, e-mail, read, watch, conference, play, write, all while burning those calories. 


The AirDesk is amazing, my husband received it for Father's Day and he loves it.  What a great idea.

Works great with my treadmill!  Absolutely Fantastic!

The AirDesk Exerciser™ the only Laptop Stand / Desk for your Exercise Equipment, makes workouts fly by.

The new AirDesk Exercise Stand for Laptops adapts to any exercise machine or use while standing.  

Many researchers recommend exercise while working.  With the AirDesk Exerciser you can walk, jog, pump or pedal while exercising your brain.

Burn calories while being productive, what could be healthier or more efficient?

AirDesks shown with Large Tray Upgrade option, other accessories shown below.

It securely holds any laptop.  The 3D positioning technology will put your laptop in the perfect sweet spot for your setup. Place your equipment on the base as shown above or use it free standing.

64" Tall Exercise AirDesk

Price: $189  Quantity:  

The AirDesk Exerciser makes workouts fly by.







Made in the USA


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